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    Isaac Dark Brown Trucker Leather JacketIsaac Dark Brown Trucker Leather Jacket

    Vintage Allure, Modern Sophistication

    Vogacci is offering a wide range of Vintage Leather Jackets that is the combination of both durability and classic style. We use high quality leather to give you the best quality. We never compromise on material as well as design, our jackets are handcrafted and are available in large range of colors and styles. Whether you want robust look in black leather jacket or want some funky touch with red, Vogacci is here to deal with your needs. Our Vintage Jackets are made with the leather that ages beautifully and gives aesthetic look. Make your investment a worth by purchasing our Leather Jackets and enhance the charm of your personality.

    How to Clean Vintage Leather Jacket

    Follow the mentioned steps to clean vintage leather jacket.

    1. Dust Removal: Take a soft brush or a dry cloth to remove the dust from the jacket. Rub it gently to avoid the scratches.
    2. Spot Test: To avoid any damage clean a small part of jacket rather than cleaning the entire jacket.
    3. Mild Soap and Water Cleaning: Use mild soap with lukewarm water. Damp a cloth in that mixture and rub it gently on the jacket and make sure that the leather should not over wet.
    4. Rinse and Dry: Dry the jacket at room temperature and use pat it with soft towel. Protect it form the direct exposure of sunlight or heat.
    5. Conditioning: Use a conditioner specifically made for vintage leather, rub it gently on jacket in a circular motion.
    6. Buffing: To enhance the natural shine of leather buff the jacket with dry cloth when the conditioner dries.
    7. Storage: Do not fold the jacket while storing, instead use padded hanger so that the shape of the jacket maintain.