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    James Brown Padded Motorcycle Leather JacketJames Brown Padded Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    James Brown Sheepskin Motorcycle Leather JacketJames Brown Sheepskin Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    Jordan Black Quilted Motorcycle Leather JacketJordan Black Quilted Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    Joseph Tan Brown Quilted Leather JacketJoseph Tan Brown Quilted Leather Jacket
    Joseph Cafe Racer Dark Brown Leather JacketJoseph Cafe Racer Dark Brown Leather Jacket
    Joseph Distressed Brown Leather Jacket MensJoseph Distressed Brown Leather Jacket Mens
    Joseph Maroon Quilted Leather JacketJoseph Maroon Quilted Leather Jacket
    Joseph Quilted Shoulder Black Leather JacketJoseph Quilted Shoulder Black Leather Jacket
    Michael Tan Brown Sheepskin Leather JacketMichael Tan Brown Sheepskin Leather Jacket
    Solomon Black Sheepskin Leather Quilted JacketSolomon Black Sheepskin Leather Quilted Jacket
    Tom Sheepskin Black Quilted Leather Motorcycle JacketTom Sheepskin Black Quilted Leather Motorcycle Jacket
    Aaron Tan Brown Biker Leather JacketAaron Tan Brown Biker Leather Jacket
    Aaron Maroon Motorcycle Leather JacketAaron Maroon Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    Aaron Dark Brown Motorcycle Leather JacketAaron Dark Brown Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    Aaron Black Motorcycle Leather JacketAaron Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket

    Quilted Leather Elegance For Every Season

    Vogacci is offering a perfect blend of sophistication and style, our collection of quilted leather jackets is a perfect combination of comfort and elegance. We have a wide range of leather jackets from biker to cafe racer, each piece is crafted with detailed precision. Whether you are looking for night outerwear or a classy piece for day out, Vogacci is the perfect choice.

    What is Quilted Leather

    It is the type of leather which is made by multiple fabric layers stitch together. The grid-like pattern provides warmth, protection and style all together. Also this technique of stitching gives texture and soft plush feel. Quilted leather is mostly used in jackets and bags. 

    Types of Quilt Patterns

    Here are some popular quilting patterns for leather jackets

    • Log Cabin Quilt Block: A log cabin style with outward rediating strips and a square in center.
    • Four Patch Quilt Block: Made with various color combinations, a fabric consists of four squares that sewn together.
    • Nine Patch Quilt Block: Features nine squares of fabric sewn together in a 3x3 grid, offering a simple yet classic design.
    • Eight Pointed Star Quilt Block: Made with precise sewing techniques, it features a star shape design with eight triangles.
    • Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Block: Depicts a woman wearing a sunbonnet, often used in children's quilts or vintage-inspired designs.
    • Hexagon Flower Quilt Block: Made by hand sewing, features hexagon-shaped flowers.
    • Crazy Quilt Block: To give a more creative look it is made with irregular patterns and shapes.
    • Diamond Quilting Pattern: A geometric pattern, stitch in diamond shape.