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    Aaron Black Motorcycle Leather JacketAaron Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket

    Crafted with Distinction, Worn with Confidence

    Looking for the style and comfort both, find out the latest collection of Leather Vest at Vogacci crafted with perfection. The huge range of our leather vests allow you to choose easily for any occasion, whether it’s an event or you just want it for everyday use. Not only in style we also have varieties of color as well as leather from genuine to faux. Shop from Vogacci and get ultimate experience of comfort and style.

    What is the Purpose of Leather Vest

    Leather vest were used to be wear by military personnel and by those who had outdoor jobs, as they protect them form elements and keep them warm. But now leather vest has became the fashion outerwear, you can find it in different styles and colors. They also become symbol of bikers and rockers as a affiliation of style. Leather vests can be wear with different accessorize, you can choose the best fit according to the occasion. If you want to invest in best quality leather vest visit our store Vogacci right now. 

    How to Clean Leather Vest

    Follow the mentioned steps to clean your leather vest:

    1. Pre-Cleaning Steps: Firstly remove the dirt from the vest, you can use a clean cloth or a soft brush for that. Than perform a spot test to ensure that the cleaning product wouldn’t make any damage to the leather.
    2. Cleaning Steps: Put a soft cloth damp it in suitable leather cleaner and wipe it gently on the vest. If the vest has stains use stain remover with brush, scrub it gently.
    3. Rinsing and Drying Steps: Remove any access cleaner with a damp cloth and let the vest be air dry naturally. Do not expose it with the heat or direct sunlight.
    4. Conditioning Steps: Use a leather conditioner when the vest is dry. Than buff it with dry cloth to maintain the shine of leather.
    5. Storage and Maintenance: Always hang the vest on padded hanger and place it in cool and dry place. Do not put in plastic bags.