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    Jeremiah 3/4 Length Black Leather JacketJeremiah 3/4 Length Black Leather Jacket
    Jeremiah 3/4 Length Dark Brown Leather JacketJeremiah 3/4 Length Dark Brown Leather Jacket
    Jeremiah 3/4 Length Maroon Leather JacketJeremiah 3/4 Length Maroon Leather Jacket
    Jeremiah 3/4 Length Tan Brown Leather JacketJeremiah 3/4 Length Tan Brown Leather Jacket
    Jeremiah Mid Length Black Leather JacketJeremiah Mid Length Black Leather Jacket

    Armor For The Modern Warrior

    Vogacci is introducing a stylish collection of trench leather coats, crafted with genuine leather, our coats are not only of classic designs but also provide you durability. Moreover, the quilted construction and and high quality material make them suitable in colder weather. Whether you are going in any occasion or for work, Vogacci’s trench leather coat is best choice for sophistication touch.

    Are Leather Trench Coats in Style

    Yes, Leather trench coats are always in fashion as they are not only provide you a style but due to its warmness these coats wear mostly in fall and winter. Its versatility allows you to carry it in various occasions no matter if it’s a formal event or casual day out.

    Are Leather Trench Coats Warm

    Yes, they are warm but it also depends on the quality of the leather and several different factors. Following are some points to consider.

    • Premium Leather: For better insulation and warmth choose high quality leather like napa. This kind of material is also soft and supple.
    • Quilted Construction: To keep your body warm Quilted leather trench coats have single patches that are filled with stuffing material.
    • Layering: To add an extra insulation layer your coat with wool turtleneck sweater or knit sweater.
    • Temperature Range: The suitable temperature to wear leather trench coats lies between 40°F and 60°F (4°C and 16°C).
    • Hand Pockets: Some leather trench coats come with hand pockets that can be used to warm your hands, which can be especially useful during cold weather. There is hand pockets in some trench leather coats, that help to keep your hands warm in cold weather.