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    Isaac Black Leather Trucker JacketIsaac Black Leather Trucker Jacket

    Luxurious Warmth Meets Effortless Style

    Vogacci is offering the best Puffer Leather Jackets that are the perfect blend of warmth and style. To provide you extra warmth in the cold chilly weather, we made our puffer jackets with high quality leather and for high quality insulation our jackets feature a quilted padded construction. Not only warmth, we also provide you the freedom of choice by giving customization option. Also the ranges of designs and colors are unbeatable. Whether you are going for night event or a casual day out, you can find your perfect fit at Vogacci. Don't waste your time shop right now from us and get the perfect outerwear, which give you both durability and style.

    How To Wash Leather Puffer Jacket

    Follow the mentioned steps to wash your puffer leather jacket.

    1. Firstly remove the dust from the jacket from the clean cloth or a soft brush.
    2. Make a solution by mixing liquid soap into Luke warm water.
    3. Before applying it on jacket fully, do a spot test by using it in small portion to avoid any damage.
    4. If the spot test is successful than apply the liquid solution on jacket with the help of soft brush. Move the brush gently in circular motion on the jacket.
    5. After that take a dry clean cloth and rub it gently over the jacket to remove excess liquid from the jacket.
    6. Never use any heating product or expose your leather jacket directly to sunlight for drying. Instead hang it in dry place and let it dry naturally with area.
    7. Do not use washing machine or soak your leather jacket in water tub as it will damage the leather and insulation.