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    Ezekiel Black Leather Shearling JacketEzekiel Black Leather Shearling Jacket
    Ezekiel Brown Shearling Leather JacketEzekiel Brown Shearling Leather Jacket
    Ezekiel Maroon Shearling Leather JacketEzekiel Maroon Shearling Leather Jacket
    Ezekiel Tan Brown Shearling Leather JacketEzekiel Tan Brown Shearling Leather Jacket
    James Brown Padded Motorcycle Leather JacketJames Brown Padded Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    James Brown Sheepskin Motorcycle Leather JacketJames Brown Sheepskin Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    Jordan Black Quilted Motorcycle Leather JacketJordan Black Quilted Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    Philip Orange Motorcycle Leather JacketPhilip Orange Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    Tom Sheepskin Black Quilted Leather Motorcycle JacketTom Sheepskin Black Quilted Leather Motorcycle Jacket
    Tyler Brown Sheepskin Motorcycle Leather JacketTyler Brown Sheepskin Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    Daniel Distressed Brown Leather Jacket for MensDaniel Distressed Brown Leather Jacket for Mens
    Bruce Light Brown Sheepskin Leather JacketBruce Light Brown Sheepskin Leather Jacket
    Bruce Dark Brown Sheepskin Motorcycle Leather JacketBruce Dark Brown Sheepskin Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    Bruce Black Sheepskin Motorcycle Leather JacketBruce Black Sheepskin Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    Aaron Tan Brown Biker Leather JacketAaron Tan Brown Biker Leather Jacket
    Aaron Maroon Motorcycle Leather JacketAaron Maroon Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    Aaron Dark Brown Motorcycle Leather JacketAaron Dark Brown Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    Aaron Black Motorcycle Leather JacketAaron Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket

    Ride in Style, Ride with Vogacci: Unbridled Protection, Unmatched Fashion

    To cater different tastes and preferences Vogacci is offering collection of motorcycle leather jackets, with the range of designs and colors. Made with the high quality leather, our motorcycle jacket not only provide fashionable edge but also protection for riders. Explore our store now to make your riding experience perfect with style.

    What is a Motorcycle Leather Jacket

    In early 1900s motorcycle jackets had a rich history and now become a fashion statement. These jackets are specifically designed for riders, to give them both style and functionality. They are also called moto or biker leather jackets. The features include belted waist, zipper closure, multiple pockets and lapels with snap buttons. These jackets have different types of lining like shearling to polyester, satin, or nylon.

    Why Do Bikers Wear Leather Jackets

    There are number of reasons because of that bikers wear leather jackets related to both style and practicality. The main reason is protection, due to wind and rain the risk of accident increases, leather jacket prevent form injuries.  They provide an extra layer of protection, especially with added padding in critical areas like the chest, back, elbows, and shoulders. Secondly, moto jackets are significant in biker culture. It symbolizes rebelliousness and independence.  Thirdly, it provide fashionable edge to motorcyclist.