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    Joseph Quilted Shoulder Black Leather JacketJoseph Quilted Shoulder Black Leather Jacket
    Joseph Maroon Quilted Leather JacketJoseph Maroon Quilted Leather Jacket
    Joseph Tan Brown Quilted Leather JacketJoseph Tan Brown Quilted Leather Jacket
    Jeremiah 3/4 Length Tan Brown Leather JacketJeremiah 3/4 Length Tan Brown Leather Jacket
    Jeremiah 3/4 Length Maroon Leather JacketJeremiah 3/4 Length Maroon Leather Jacket
    Jeremiah 3/4 Length Dark Brown Leather JacketJeremiah 3/4 Length Dark Brown Leather Jacket
    Jeremiah 3/4 Length Black Leather JacketJeremiah 3/4 Length Black Leather Jacket
    Isaac Tan Brown Trucker Leather JacketIsaac Tan Brown Trucker Leather Jacket
    Isaac Maroon Trucker Leather JacketIsaac Maroon Trucker Leather Jacket
    Isaac Dark Brown Trucker Leather JacketIsaac Dark Brown Trucker Leather Jacket
    Isaac Black Leather Trucker JacketIsaac Black Leather Trucker Jacket
    Ezekiel Tan Brown Shearling Leather JacketEzekiel Tan Brown Shearling Leather Jacket
    Ezekiel Maroon Shearling Leather JacketEzekiel Maroon Shearling Leather Jacket
    Ezekiel Brown Shearling Leather JacketEzekiel Brown Shearling Leather Jacket
    Ezekiel Black Leather Shearling JacketEzekiel Black Leather Shearling Jacket
    David Tan Brown Motorcycle Leather JacketDavid Tan Brown Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    David Maroon Motorcycle Leather JacketDavid Maroon Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    David Dark Brown Motorcycle Leather JacketDavid Dark Brown Motorcycle Leather Jacket
    Abraham Tan Brown Leather JacketAbraham Tan Brown Leather Jacket

    Vogacci’s Leather Jackets - Perfect blend of style and quality

    Our leather jackets are made with great attention to detail, assure a timeless piece that exudes style. To give unique experience to the wearer we use finest hides to make our full-grain leather jackets. No matter what you're looking for whether it’s a classic biker jacket or a vintage-inspired design, Vogacci's large collection offers a extensive range of styles to suit every taste. You can be sure that a leather jacket from Vogacci will stand as both a statement piece and an example of fine traditional craftsmanship.

    Types of Leather

    The types of leather include:

    • Full-Grain Leather: This is the finest quality of leather, made from the strongest and lasting part of the skin. It has not been sanded or polished, and kept its original texture.
    • Top-Grain Leather: This type of leather may not be as strong as full grain but still lasting and has a natural grain. It is made from the outer layer of the hide but to give it a perfect look it has been sanded or buffed.
    • Bonded Leather: This kind of leather is created by joining leftover leather fragments together with the use of chemicals and adhesives. It is not as lasting as full and top grain leather neither have same natural grains like them. 
    • Genuine Leather: Usually that term is referred for the leather that is made from the entire hide of animal. However it also refers to bonded leather as it is made from leftover pieces of leather.
    • Split Leather: To made this split leather inner layers of the skin is used, which are separate from the external layers. This type of leather is mostly used for low quality products where durability is not the concern.
    • Patent Leather: This type of leather is often used for decorative purpose. Shellac and other wax-based finish are used to give it a has been treated with a shellac or other wax-based finish to give it a smooth and shiny appearance.
    • Nubuck Leather: The nap of this kind of leather has been raised by buffing, giving it a smooth, suede-like texture. It is mostly used used for products that are informal or stylish.

    What Is The Best Type Of Leather For a Jacket

    For a Jacket the best type leather depends on the preference of person as different types of leather have different attributes, like Cowhide is recommended for it’s durability and it is quite affordable, It is best for stiffness and strength. On the other hand Calfskin is expensive, it provides the same durability like Cowhide but it is rather softer. If you want light weighted leather than Lambskin is good to go but it is less durable than others. For strength and water resistance you can choose Goatskin leather, it is generally used for military jackets. Suede is another best type but keep in mind that it soaks water so protect it from getting wet. 

    How To Clean Leather Jacket

    To clean a leather jacket following steps should be taken:

    1. Firstly prepare a cleaning solution, take Luke warm water in a small bowl and add some drops of mild dish liquid or neutral soap in it.
    2. To clean the jacket from inside and outside, gently rub the solution with sponge or cloth in a circular motion. Remove excess solution with damp cloth and blot it with a towel. Air dry it and apply some leather conditioner for restoring moisturizer.
    3. Use absorbent cloth to blot up fresh oil. You can use baking soda as a absorbent powder, sprinkle it on spots and wait for vanishing it.

    With proper care and maintenance your leather jacket can go for many years.

    Leather Jacket is Peeling

    Due to improper care leather jacket starts peeling. But don’t worry we have some useful tips to prevent your jacket from peeling:

    • Identify the cause: If your jacket is exposed to rain or sweat, there might chances of peeling. Humidity or use of harsh cleaning product may also lead your leather jacket to peel.
    • Clean the jacket: If your jacket is peeling avoid scrubbing it. Clean it with a mild leather solution softly in a circular motion. Use damp clot to rinse and dry it in air.
    • Apply a leather conditioner: To prevent peeling apply high quality leather conditioner on your jacket after cleaning it. Conditioner helps to restore the shine of the jacket.
    • Consider professional repair: Seek professional help if the peeling is severe. They will guide you better.
    • Prevent future peeling: To prevent peeling do not wear your leather jacket it in heavy rain and place it in a cool, dry place where it doesn’t have direct exposure to sunlight.

    Types Of Leather Jackets

    There are several types of leather jackets to cater different preferences of people. Some of the popular styles are as follow:

    1. Biker Jacket: A classic leather jacket style with a flared collar, front zipper, and a rugged appearance, often associated with a rebellious and edgy look.
    2. Racer Jacket: Known for its sleek and elegant design, featuring a snap-tab collar, minimal detailing, and a sporty vibe, suitable for those seeking a sophisticated yet casual style.
    3. Bomber Jacket: This jacket was designed for pilots. It has rib knitted collar and cuffs also a waist-length cut. Bomber Leather Jacket is good for casual wear. 
    4. Flight Jacket: Unlike bomber jacket it has also rib knit waist but the style of collar is different. It is also called aviator jacket, featuring fur collar and zippered cuffs.
    5. Leather Coat: A graceful outerwear with pointed lapel collar, long sleeves and button closure gives you a sophisticated look.
    6. Leather Blazer: It has lapel collar with two button front closure and flap pockets. Best to wear in formal occasions.
    7. Leather Duster Coat: It is especially made for horse riders. Having similar features like a leather coat but with additional layers for protection and have extra cuts.
    8. Leather Cloak: It is often use as an outfit for costume party. Features a big hood, a touch of drama, inspired by Victorian era.
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