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    Jeremiah 3/4 Length Black Leather JacketJeremiah 3/4 Length Black Leather Jacket
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    Jeremiah Mid Length Black Leather JacketJeremiah Mid Length Black Leather Jacket

    Coat Your Way to Fashion:

    Vogacci is presenting a range of leather coats for modern fashion enthusiast. Each coat is crafted with detailed precision, unique designs that ensure both durability and style. We do not compromise on quality, our leather coats and jackets are made with premium quality leather whether it’s real or faux. So visit our store today, and buy luxurious leather coat in affordable prices which gives you comfort with style.

    Types of Leather Coats

    To cater with different preferences and needs there are some common types of leather coat.

    1. Classic Leather Coat: It has long sleeves with pointed collar and button or zipper closure. These coats are usually longer in length.
    2. Leather Duster: A type of leather coat that extends below the knees.
    3. Leather Cloak: This type of leather coat is open from the front and usually sleeveless.
    4. Leather Blazer: Suit collar, patch pockets, up to the waist.
    5. Leather Trench Coat: Used as a shield for Army officers during war, it protected from rain during the movement in trenches. It has double breasted front with belted waist.
    6. Shearling Coat: This type of leather coat provides both warmth and style, as it is made form sheepskin with attached wool.
    7. Quilted Coat: It has quilted patterns which can be integrated with different coat styles. Gives a distinctive visual appeal with insulation.

    The above are few examples from the various leather coats type. It must be in mind while choosing a leather coat that it should be according to the climate and occasion.

    Can Your Wear Leather Coat In The Rain

    You can wear a leather coat in rain, depends on the type leather. Usually they are made from chrome tanned leather that are safe to wear in rain and the chances to be ruined by moisture is less as compared to the leather that is vegetable tanned, this type of leather has to be protected with sprays, conditioners or waxes before wearing in rain. To maintain the quality and appearance of your leather coat must air dry it after the exposure of rain.

    How to Clean Leather Coat

    Follow the mentioned steps to clean your leather coat effectively without damaging it.

    • Regular Wiping: To maintain the appearance of coat, remove surface dirt with a soft cloth.
    • Gentle Cleaning Solution: You can use any leather cleaner or dish liquid soap with water. The quantity must be one part of cleaner and 20 parts water.
      Clean stained areas with soft sponge. Use minimal amount of soap to avoid dirt attracting.
    • Rinsing: After cleaning, rinse it with damp cloth.
    • Drying: To dry the leather coat thoroughly, hang it into sunlight or well ventilated area.
      To dry the coat quickly, use soft and dry towel.
    • Conditioning: After cleaning use leather conditioner to keep your coat soft and restore its moisture.

    You can effectively clean your leather coat by following these steps.