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    Solomon Black Sheepskin Leather Quilted JacketSolomon Black Sheepskin Leather Quilted Jacket

    Vegan Leather - Sustainable Luxury for Every Wardrobe

    If you are fond of leather jackets but more environmentally conscious, Vogacci’s offering Faux leather jackets a sustainable alternative to genuine leather. We have a wide range available in faux leather, including classic biker jackets, sleek bomber styles, and versatile moto jackets. Don’t worry about the durability we are providing high-quality faux leather, so enjoy the guilt-free addition in your wardrobe.

    What is faux leather

    To get the feel and look of genuine leather, Faux leather is designed. It is a synthetic material made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PU), and microfiber. 

    Advantages of Faux leather

    • It is more affordable: It is less expensive than genuine leather.
    • It is more durable: It is water and stain resistant. That’s why use in making clothing, furniture and accessories.
    • It is more versatile: Its flexibility of design is greater as compared to genuine leather because of that it has wide range of texture and color.
    • It is more environmentally friendly: This leather is not made of animal skin. So those who are more concerned about welfare of animal Faux leather is best.

    Disadvantages Of Faux Leather

    • It may not be as breathable as genuine leather: As compared to real leather faux is less breathable, because of that there might discomfort in wearing it hot or humid weather.
    • It may not last as long as genuine leather: As compared to genuine leather faux leather has short life.
    • It may not have the same luxurious feel as genuine leather: Like real leather faux may lacks soft and supple feel.

    How To Store Faux Leather Jacket

    It is crucial to store a faux leather jacket. To keep its quality and lifespan prolong here are some tips:

    1. Use a Wide Hanger: Do not fold it, use wide hanger to hang it, this will help in maintaining the shape of jacket and prevent wrinkles.
    2. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Fading and discoloration could be happened due to direct sunlight exposure Do not store your jacket in a place where it has direct sunlight exposure, it may lead to fading and discoloration.
    3. Choose a Cool, Dry Location: Store your jacket in a cool and dry place.
    4. Breathable Storage: Don’t use plastic containers to store faux leather, wrap it in breathable fabric or use garment bags instead.
    5. Prevent Moisture: To prevent mold put a silica gel packet in the pocket of jacket to absorb moisture.

    By following the mentioned tips you can maintain the quality and look of your faux leather jacket.