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    Crafted for the Connoisseur: Vogacci's Cowhide Leather Jackets

    Are you looking for exceptional quality and durability, checkout Vogacci’s  premium collection of cowhide leather jackets. These jackets are crafted from the finest full grain leather, provide you both comfort and warmth with classic designs. Vogacci’s high quality, long lasting cow hide leather jacket is a perfect choice for everyday wear. 

    How is Cowhide Leather Made

    There are several stages involved in making of Cowhide leather, including raw hide selection to final finishing. Steps involve in making of cowhide leather includes:

    1. Raw Material Selection: First of all raw cowhide is selected, that is sourced from meat industry. It is very important to select right quality as the final appearance and durability of product is based on it.
    2. Tanning: To prevent the hide from decaying, raw hide is treated with different chemicals. This process is called tanning, which are of different types like synthetic tanning, chrome tanning and vegetable tanning.
    3. Deliming and Bating: The third step is to remove the natural lime and fats from the hide, and than protein bonds of the hide break downs by treating it  with enzymes to make it softer. This process is called deliming and bating.
    4. Pickling: To remove extra fat and flesh from the hides, they are dipped in acid and salt solution, the process is called picking.
    5. Dyeing and Finishing: After that, the hides are dyed to the appropriate hue. A variety of techniques, such as aniline dyeing, semi-aniline dyeing, and pigmented dyeing, can be used in the dyeing process. To improve both its function and appearance, the leather is finished with UV protectants, waterproofing agents, and conditioners after dyeing.
    6. Cutting and Sewing: To make the final product, finished leather cuts into different patterns and than sewn according to the requirement of product.
    7. Quality Control: In whole process quality control measures are there to maintain the standards of quality, durability and appearance of the product. 

    How to Soften Cowhide Leather

    To soften cowhide leather jacket follow the mentioned methods:

    • Wear It Regularly: Wearing a new cowhide leather jacket frequently is the easiest method to break it in and soften it. Over time, the jacket's material will become more pliable as a result of your body's natural heat and movement.
    • Apply Oils or Conditioners: To soften and condition the leather, apply natural oils like coconut oil, neat's-foot oil, or mink oil. Apply a tiny amount and move it in circular motions with a soft cloth until it is absorbed. As necessary, repeat. Conditioners for leather work well too. For a smooth, glossy finish, wash the jacket, evenly apply the conditioner, and let it soak in before polishing with a fresh cloth.
    • Use a Softening Spray: Sprays for softening and conditioning leather are intended to work fast. Wipe the jacket clean, aim the spray at the suggested distance, and spray all over. For optimal effect, let it seep in.

    Even the stiffest cowhide leather jacket will break in and acquire a smooth, supple feel while still being durable with frequent wear and little care. Your jacket will be cozy and durable if you are patient and take care of the leather.