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    Aaron Black Motorcycle Leather JacketAaron Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket

    Style and Comfort for Every Size - Big & Tall Leather Jackets

    Explore the pinnacle of fashion and coziness with Vogacci's distinctive line of large and towering leather jackets. Our jackets are made with precision and attention to detail, and they are made to meet the needs of the contemporary individual who places a high value on fit and quality. Vogacci provides a variety of solutions that combine sophistication and functionality, ranging from traditional designs to current trends, so that every person may discover the ideal leather jacket to match their own style. Experience luxury reimagined by adding one of Vogacci's large, towering leather jackets to your collection.

    Guide for Big and Tall Leather Jacket

    For big and tall individuals clothing, height plays an important role to determine the perfect fit. As big and tall individuals are usually two or more inches longer than the regular size person. Moreover, jackets for tall people are based on height ranges such as below 6'4", 6'4" to 6'6", and 6'6" to 6'8" these distinctions ensure to provide comfortable fit.

    To determine your ideal size follow these steps:

    1. Chest: Take a measuring tape, wrap it around your chest in that manner that it shouldn’t be tight but snug. Record your measurement in inches.
    2. Shoulders: Place the measuring tape at the end of one shoulder than move it from upper back to the the other shoulder. Make sure that the tape is not too tight, it should be straight.
    3. Length of Jacket: To find a jacket that is fit on your torso length, take the measurement from base of the neck to the  waist or a below from it whichever is your desired length.
    4. Length of Sleeves: To find the perfect length of sleeve, place the measuring tape at the center of your back than move towards the end of your shoulder. After that place it from shoulder to your wrist. Combine both the measurements to get the length of your sleeve.
    5. Refer to the Size Chart: We have provided the size chart in our website from where you can easily get the right fit for you by just choosing the size that matches closest with your measurements.